Kid's Program

Week-long holiday programs for children and youths!


Arianna and Dimitri, with the help of other experts (educators, botanists) offer this program to students between 3 and 16 years old. The duration is one (or two!) weeks in the middle of nature, surrounded by horses, mountains, the river, songs, dances, music and more!

3/6 years 

6-7-8 agoust

Cost: 170€ per child, all inclusive.


7/11 years

14/20 june

28 june-4 july

12/18 july

26 july-1 agoust

23/29 agoust

30 agoust/ 5 september


12/16 years

21/27 june

30 agoust/ 5 september


Cost: 360 Euros per child, all inclusive. Major discounts for siblings or for those who participate in both weeks!